Monday, January 11, 2010

Beulah Finals!

Well final for now. Time to throw this up on some forums and get some feedback!! Let me know what ya think!!!

As always click for bigger!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

I have beat myself senseless trying to figure out which if any Directory I should put myself in. Which ones work, which ones don't? Which are a waste of money, which are a great investment. I eventually decided that:

A. As part of my self promotion I have to be in at least one.
B. I should do some research to see which are the best fit for me, financially and style wise.
C. I have to decide what market I am after to best decide how to promote myself and the artwork that I want to do.

I finally landed on It was a market that catered specifically to the demographic that I wanted to break into. It has gotten many recommendations from multiple people that I admire and follow. The price point is low enough that I won't hurt myself if no work comes out of it.

Wouldn't you know that the same day I go to sign up for the website, is the day that it crashes. Sigh!! Luckily it will be back up soon, in February. And I will definitely be joining then as part of my Marketing and Promotion campaign.

I am putting up for Wisdom Wednesday this great article I ran across from "How to be a Children's Illustrator" Blog about whether or not to Advertise in an Illustration Directory. It gives a lot to think about. Not only about the fields we want to be a part of, but taking into account the direction the industry is taking and the things that influence that direction. Great article. Check it Out!

Till next time!
-Wilson Williams, Jr.

Also, if you are wondering about the cat! He is Beulah's dance partner from the an earlier post. I'm almost done with that image and will be posting it by the end of the week! Enjoy Sheriff Ginger till then!!! :)