Friday, December 18, 2009

Beulah's Red Boots and Magic Lasso

Remember this image from WAYYYYYYY back. Well I wanted a break from Chef John so I decided to start finishing this up. The WIP is below. I think I have the background done and need to finish off the main character and add in the others. The little girl to the left is named Beulah. And yes she is as strange as her name. This image is her having a playdate with another little girl, Beatrice(to the right). Who is dead set on making Beulah dress and act like a proper, young lady! Well you can see how well things are going! LOL!

The image below is with a white fade added that would allow for type. This would be a double page spread. Let me know if you think it's necessary or not. Thanks guys!!

As always click for bigger images. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday if I don't check back in before then!!



Robert Snyder said...


Looking good. Lots of nice pattern detail without overwhelming the image. Colors are very nice also.
The pose is very active and easy to read.
I don't think you need to add the white area for type.
It looks to me like the center line of your two page spread would put 1/2 of your white area, the left half, behind the rope and make it unusable for type.
If you want to use the white area I'd suggest sliding it to the right. squeeze it so it's not so wide and stretch it so it's longer from top to bottom. It might be best to avoid having the white area cover up the green pillow.

Mighty Kwan said...


Thank you for your suggestions!! I may take the white out altogether and just go with lightening the background. I do need to be more cautious of the areas alotted for type when I design things. If I go for a white area I will definitely try out what you've suggested. I think it would work well!! Thanks so much for your suggestions!!!


Don said...

I like the image without the white fade. It blots out the beautiful detail. As usual, wow! Nice stuff.

Don, Devas T.

AWells said...

I'm really digging where this is going!

Shirley said...

Happy Holidays Wilson! I hope you are enjoying them and I see that you are working hard at your illustrations. I love this piece..your character is so pleasing and fun, and the room is adorable. Beautiful colors and details. I like the image without the fade as it's awesome to see all of the details. If you feel it needs it for the text, perhaps a touch softer? I don't know..just my 2¢. I hope 2010 brings you amazing adventures and opportunities. You are truly talented! Monsieur has a box o' peanut brittle for you to enjoy through the holidays. See you in the New Year!

Don said...

Also, thanks for the JacketFlap invite. I just discovered it. Problem is, it's been so long since I logged into JacketFlap, I don't remember my login information. Just wanted you to know so it didn't appear I ignored the invite. Thanks, and I'll take some guesses soon.

Don Devas T.

Mighty Kwan said...

Thanks to everybody!! I hope your holidays are going great!! I'll be e-mailing everybody sometime next week.

Don, I understand completely!! Most folks on Jacketflap seem to visit it only occasionally if at all. LOL!! Right now I am primarily using it to go through publishers and create my mailing list. Who knew how ridiculously HUGE an undertaking that would be!! WOW!!

Also, I have approached Tugeau let's keep our fingers crossed!! :)

Don Tate II said...

I imagine with your talent, she'd snatch you up.