Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Marketting Jumps!!!

In making attempts to further market myself I have recently joined two sites that specialize in the Childrens Market. has a particularly good record it seems for recouping your investment back to you. Mnay good agencies and artists listed on this site. I think that may be how I gauge which ones to continue subscribing to after the subscription runs out.

Childrens Book Artists only costs 25$ and is a one page feature with a link to your website. The subscription is for 5 years, so it costs 5 bucks a year! Well worth the investment. I suggest many jump on and sign up. Piggybacking on the website name and frequency that it shows up in Google searches. Any advertising is good advertising!!

I know there's a lot of curiosity about how well these types of thing work. So I'll keep everyone posted in regards to that. These two are the most affordable and a good initial investment. I'll post numbers at the end of the subscription as to which recouped their costs. One year from now for both.

Can anyone else give any input to the effectiveness of either of these sites? Or what marketing you've done that works best in conjuncture with them?


Aja said...

Congratulations Wilson! I've had a lot of luck with and I hope you do too! I hadn't heard of the other one- I just may have to check it out.



Jack Foster said...

Thanks for the info Wilson! I will definitely check them out!