Friday, September 21, 2012

Time to alter the dress!

Recent little illustration I did for my sister blog But after looking at it further I decided to alter it a bit. The results are below. Is that better?
The changes are subtle, but they are there!! Can you see them?

And even more changes. These are just for this blog though. I widened the straps A reader told me that she should have three finger straps. Anything less than that wouldn't be allowed in school. Really?? Wow!! And I opened her eyes and her mouth a bit, just to give some variety let me know if you prefer it with them closed. I also altered her right hand some. (thanks Milica!!)


dan lambert said...

Hey Wilson,

Lovely image! Might seem like a weird thing to pick up on but that shadow colour on her skin is awesome.
As for the changes, I think the revised dress works better but I'm unsure about the new shape of her head, it gives her a pretty prominent lower jaw.
Hope that helps!

Dan Lambert

WilsonW said...

Hey Dan!!!

Thanks so much! The shape of her head is still bugging me too. I didn't help any by moving her mouth and nose closer to the middle of her head. (Yes, I did. No reason to lie about it now.) I'm still trying to figure out how I want my kids faces to look, what suits me and my style best. I guess that means I have to practice more often! Hah!

Thanks for stopping in bro!!

-Wilson W, Jr.

joanne/drawntoletters said...

Hi Wilson,
The dress is very sharp and the right hand changes look great. I think she does look a bit mature or masculine in the face now--you might check on the foreshortening in the smile curve as it goes away from us, soften the lip and consider shortening the nose of this fun little girl!I sympathize with how challenging repeating a face can be. Love your work here.

WilsonW said...

Thanks Joanne!

Naomi said...

Looks great!