Friday, August 28, 2009

Lion and Mouse Friday Update

Woo!! Another Friday so soon!! LOL! I only got to work on this for three days this week. I was sick on Monday and Tuesday, food poisoning. (Don't ask and I won't tell!)

After drawing the lion in with more detail it was time to flesh him out a bit. Start filling in information and get him blocked in fairly well. You "SHOULD" work the entire image at the same time. Make sure that all the elements work well against one another. Determine your light source and lock down your forms in a fairly 3-dimensional way. Well, sometimes I do that, sometimes I don't. My instinct is not to. To just jump into an illustration and paint what I have the strongest urge to first. Which honestly creates a lot of problems later on because you tend to work on the elements you are comfortable with and leave what you think are hard parts for later. (Achemm...notice strong continued absence of mouse in image!)
In situations where I know my enthusiasm will surpass common sense, I at the very least force myself to work from back to front. Which lets me incorporate the background into the mid ground, the mid ground into the foreground and so on and so forth. I'm sure that much is apparent from the process steps you see in these posts. I hope so anyway!

On Thursday I'm still nailing down things and blocking in forms. I'm also trying to remember elements of the first lion that I liked and want to definitely include on this image. The dark streak in his Elvis-like Pompadour was a definite keeper. My Lion is definitely styled by Vidal Sassoon! Lots of hairspray for his majesty! Mroowwwrr!! LOL! I also want to make sure that I am pulling a lot of pinks from the background into his skin and hair. The Mucha hair tribute wasn't something I thought I would be keeping. But for giggles I put it in. Right now I worry about it flattening the lion since it is so graphic in execution. We'll see what the rest of the hair allows.

On Thursday it's time to deepen my shadows and liven them up with the compliment for the dominant orange, yellow orange tones in the piece. You can see all the blue/purple tones going into the shadow areas and giving some final sense of form and depth to the lion. It's also time for me to go in and start smoothing out a bunch of the rough areas and cleaning things up. I still think that in the end I will need to punch up the brightness of the Lion and push the shadows and highlights more to help pull him from the background. Adding those blue purple hues seems to have dulled out a lot of my dark areas. But I'm gonna force myself to execute the mouse first and then adjust the entire image when done. It's really funny looking back at the original image now and I am very glad that I went with the idea to paint the lion the way that I would now rather than trying to duplicate what I did 13 years ago. I'll have to put up a little animation or side by side and get you guys input on what you think about the differences.

I attempted to redo the mouse but I was rushing and making it up out of my head. It just wasn't working for what I wanted. I'm also not sure what moment I want to capture with this image. Will this be the moment that the Mouse is still afraid of the lion and cowering? Will it be when he is offering hi services to the lion? Or will it be after he's pulled the thron out? The lion's expression says that it will be one of the first two, but we'll see! Let me know what you think!

So Monday all I'll be doing is finding reference for the mouse. I took a quick dig at it today and found an African striped back mouse. How much fun will that be! And it will add some regional clarity to the image. Hopefully the mouse ends up in a pose that shows his back to the reader. We'll see!! Also, looking at the image shrunk makes me think that I need to pull more of the dark areas of mane from the left to the right along the inside of his right paw. Do you see what I'm talking about? Hmmm...Well, have a good weekend folks. Don't forget to click the images for larger views if you like!



Jennifer said...

I left a comment on your recent "Wisdom Wednesday" post, and realized it was quite a ways down and didn't know if you'd even look at past blog comments. Chow!

Manola said...

Your illustrations are very beautiful! I like so much!

Don said...

Out of this world wonderful!

Quick question. I need a new computer. Is an iMac sufficient these days or do I need to get a Mac Pro?

Don, Devas T.

Shirley said...

Wilson - wow..what a great post..I'm so sorry for my is busy these days! I haven't even gotten to this week's IF prompt! I am so behind..but I do hope to get to it the meantime, this is just wonderful to see the progression of your lion (and mouse!) piece. I look forward to the mouse coming into the picture..and look forward to seeing how you handle his pose/expression...(or backside for that matter)..I know it will be wonderful.

As for a question you had's funny, some days are so fast (with illustration), and other times I just struggle. Needless to say, this week is a struggle...but my last post was a joy since it captured the happiness in the sketch. I should post the sketch too come to think of it. Anyway, you keep on pressing is a winner already - you can tell by how you care about the lighting (something I so struggle with in all of my pieces, but you excel at). I shall be back! And glad you're finished with that food poisoning..yikes!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog, great. Will keep checking in as you have such good comments. Interested in your journey into digital as I am doing the backward journey. Went digital several years ago and was finding my images getting too stiff even though I agree about the editing process being easier. Thanks for your blog.