Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

When I sit down to my computer to work on an assignment or just for fun. I need, no, crave to have some kind of background noise to help set the mood. Something to give me some equalization to the ceaseless chatter that runs through my head while I work. In some instances I want my mind to be thinking and working out the problems within a piece as I work. And other times I want the experience to be instinctual and natural. To get to the end of a painting and not know how I got there. In both of these instances I have my own ways of helping the time pass and keeping other aspects of my psyche stimulated while I work. I'm sure that most everybody is the same way! The same way I have to have a TV or Fan going to fall asleep. I also need some kind of audible noise while I paint or draw.

My weapons of choice are music, movies, audio books and podcasts. For this Wisdom Wedneday I'll highlight a podcast that is stimulating as well as informative to my chosen industry, freelancing. Now, I listen to multiple podcasts that focus on the freelance creative industry. But for today I'll only go into one.

I've been listening to this podcast for months now. It's great! An extremely informative and diverse group of freelance individuals. Not all are illustrators per se. Some are web designers, graphic artists and copy writers. Yet and still the experience of working with clients and dealing with issues that arise are common across the board. Within this podcast you'll find tips on how to deal with clients, contracts, making initial contacts and then maintaining those realtionships. These podcasters share there experiences and there multiple ways of dealing with the similar problems that come up within their different industries. I would suggest starting at the beginning and working your way to the most current. 

This podcast is just a small part of a much larger website that has many reference sources and outlets for freelancers. You'll find articles, blogs, forums, resources, hourly rate calculators and job postings all within the site . So stop on by and have agood time browsing and investigating the site and seeing what it has to offer. You could find your next gig or make some great contacts within the industry of your choice. Enjoy the wisdom!


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