Thursday, October 21, 2010

Minority Kwest

Minority Kwest

This will be a series of links to articles, authors, artists, organizations and blogs that specifically deal with the issue of race and minority representation within our media. Hopefully these articles will not only illuminate the problems but also deal with the potential solutions to addressing the issues presented. Enjoy and please comment and share not only with me but also the contributing sources. Thanks!

Anne Sibley O-Brien

A wonderful series of informative and insightful articles written by Anne Sibley O-Brien. They address the lack of minority characters in childrens' literature and the potential reasons why.

Anne's articles are unique since they are written from a caucasian perspective. Venturing into the many reasons ,be they purposeful or not, that minorities are relegated to the background or removed completely from current literature.

These articles were published in three parts in the last three Bulletin SCBWI Magazines. They appeared in the column, The Illustrators Perspective.

White Mind-1

White Mind-2

White Mind-3

Anne has a blog, Coloring Between the Lines, where she addresses the issue of race in an ongoing fashion. A number of great articles that also explore this issue can be found there!

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