Thursday, October 21, 2010

Natural Beauty

Sesame Street recently posted a video showing a little black muppet girl singing the joys of her natural hair!!! What a wonderful thing. It's about time that the media that permeates our children's lives took note of all the variety of children who watch and learn from it.

All children need messages that tell them they are beautiful and wonderful just the way they are. It's not always enough to get it only from your parents. I'm sure many parents will tell you how impact-ful the words and images from peers and media can be on children. I can attest to that myself!!

So to Sesame Street I say Bravo! Hopefully our increased awareness and sensitivity can help promote self love within all children! Enjoy!

A link to an NPR article in regards to how and why this video was made!


Anne M Leone said...

Oh, this is great! Thanks for sharing!

Mighty Kwan said...

No problem Anne!! Enjoy!!

Aja said...

This is very cool. I am Hawaiian and I have crazy, kinky, "atypical" hair and I would have loved to see something more relatable like this as a child!