Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Famed Childrens Illustrator wins Oscar!!

The award for, oh excuse me, ACADEMY AWARD for Best Animated Short this year went to Shaun Tan, Childrens Book Illustrator and concept artist for films like Horton Hears a Who and Wall-E.

Please take the time to check out his work at your local bookstore or library. I am particularly fond of, The Arrival. A wordless book that chronicles the "Coming to America" experience but in an exotic and magical world full of strange creatures, architecture and function. A true testament to any artists storytelling ability is to do a wordless book. In The Arrival, Tan is at his best, building story, character, emotion and vision with his amazing pencil renderings and graphic novel style storytelling. You'll re-read it again and again and find something new every time you do!

To all the aspiring Childrens Book Illustrators and Authors, this just goes to show you how far our art can take you. Be inspired and stay motivated. Keep learning and getting better everyday!!

You can check out the full Animated Short of the Academy Award winning, The Lost Thing below.


Jill Bergman said...

I LOVE The Lost Thing!!!! I'll see if my bookstore has The Arrival. Thanks, Wilson!

Mai Kemble said...

I actually got a free poster of this book at Comic Con a number of years back and I think its a bit damaged now... but I've been trying to frame it for so long!
but that's awesome news!
PS: thanks for add on Facebook!!

Mighty Kwan said...

@Jill-No problem. Please enjoy and let your imagination run wild!!!

@Mai-No problem Mai! Thanks for being an inspiration!