Friday, March 11, 2011

Promo Image start

This is my next promo image, almost finished. I'm throwing it at my Crit friends for input before I go in for final details and polish.

As always Click for bigger image! Then Use Ctrl/+ to enlarge the image!
(Can be done multiple times.)

Things that have already been noted. I OBVIOUSLY don't know how to build a fire, I need stones around it. The fire is also too close to the poor childs feet. His shoes should be on fire! LOL! Now granted I'm not sure where I will shift the fire to that will still fit within the composition, but I'll figure that out as I go. Also the marshmallows should probably be getting roasted, uhmmm...a little bit! LOL! I'll get it fixed up!


Jill Bergman said...

This is great, Wilson!! The tall skinny shape of the image is perfect to show off the giant.

I love your flames. Maybe you could throw some twigs on that fire too, while you are making a stone ring. You've done really nice light cast from the fire.

Your boy's hand looks a bit awkward. Did you try the left hand's thumb on top instead of the fingers?

Your monster looks SSSOOOO friendly- I really like him!

WilsonW said...

Thanks so much Jill! I have shown the finished image in the next post and as you can see I took your recommendations to heart! Thanks so much for your input!