Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beyonce-Move Your Body Video

New Video from Beyonce done in conjuncture with Michelle Obama's, Health Plan for Kids. She remixes "Get me Bodied" to be "Move Your Body" and choreographs the video with children in a school cafeteria. Which is funny because if I remember correctly Beyonce was home schooled so she never went to public school.

Ah well, her heart and message are in the right place and the video is fun. I love the little chubby kid. You can still be overweight and get down with the get down. I also love the brave young men that flank her to the left and right throughout most of the video.

I had my own dance in elementary school called the "Willie". (As coined by Miss Surhonda Williams) I only wish I remember what the dance was exactly. HA!!! Regardless, I doubt I could do it now anyway! Enjoy the video!

Thanks to Vik for posting this!!! Otherwise I would not have seen this!! :)

Intro and explanation from Bey.

Actual workout to learn to

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