Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday-Will Terry-E-books

I am looking very seriously at passive income sources. As artists we work for every single dollar and after a certain point that is REALLY bad business! We have to find ways to generate income that don't rely on us having to produce artwork for it.

This most commonly happens with Clip Art, Prints, T-Shirts and items of that nature. E-books is a way to generate passive income as well as promote yourself, your artwork and writing. So I am looking into finding great resources online to help fuel my journey!

Will Terry has posted a great video, where he answers a question about whether doing an e-book is worth it! Check it out! He'll be posting another video next week about how it's done!

In the next few weeks, I'll post more resources and articles about the e-book phenomenon.

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Wonder Man said...

it is growing

WilsonW said...

It is Vik!! Hop on the train early to get the best seat!!!

Jack Foster said...

Talk about getting inspired... I’m getting the itch!

WilsonW said...

Scratch it Jack, SCRATCH IT!!!!