Sunday, July 26, 2009

Next Sketches

Here is a sketch for the next piece I'm working on.

And here it is with me adding a base of color. I'm thinking that I may do the primary figure to the right and the finish line in full color, while leaving the other racers rendered monochromatic. It would put a great deal of emphasis on the kid to the right and set a very specific tone to the piece. I'm still pondering that though. This is also a double page spread and you can see where the middle is by the vertical line I've drawn in the middle.

In the meanwhile I will be working on making some changes to older pieces of mine. I will probably post those too once I'm done. I don't know about anybody else, but I have the hardest time going back to pieces once I have decided in my head they are complete. The problem is you get some wise person who comes along and points something out in your piece that's wrong, so glaringly wrong that it knocks you on your backside! Those are the changes that I'll be working on next. And some of them are doozies!! If I can I'll post the originals and the draw overs that were done by this wise person or people.

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