Friday, November 5, 2010

Michael-Kadir Nelson

I have been a long time fan of Kadir Nelson. This is a great new piece of artwork that is an inspiration! Kadir was commissioned to do the new Michael Jackson album cover. Which releases all the newest material completed by Michael. Kadir is a great example of the many places that Illustration can take you. We just have to keep improving our game.

I only want to get better and better so that more and more opportunities will open themselves up to me! So congrats again to Kadir! I always anticipate more work from him!

Album artwork is yet another avenue that many Illustrators may have forgotten about where potential work exists. A friend of mine, Derek Gores, did many GREAT album covers for rock bands for years! Great business and a great way to promote yourself in venues across the globe! How many of us had posters of the album covers we liked when we were younger?

Really get to know the industry and see the potential avenues that exist within it. Then set your sights! All of the venues have their own sets of rules and obstacles. But in the end the more you explore the more likely it is you'll find a niche that you can stand out and shine!

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