Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

My post on this Wisdom Wednesday is about a Blog/Podcast that I enjoy listening to on a weekly basis. Escape from Illustration Island. I have been a fan of it since it's inception! The website is described as follows on their website:

Escape From Illustration Island is the brainchild of Thomas James, an Illustrator located in Portland, Oregon who works tirelessly to provide useful content, encourage community participation, and help Illustrators escape their isolation through this site and its audio accompaniment, the Escape From Illustration Island Podcast. Although Thomas is responsible for the creation and maintenance of EFII, he shares the credit for its success with the many Illustrators who contribute and interact with each other on a daily basis. You can find Thomas’s Illustration work at

Of great interest to Children's Book Illustrators is a recent podcast interviewing Holli Conger, the prolific Children's Market Illustrator and owner of multiple websites including, but not limited to;

I highlighted Holli's work earlier in my blog and it was great to hear her interviewed on this podcast and hear of her experiences and wisdom. Definitely take some time to drop by EFII, you won't regret it!


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