Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heya Folks!!

Another Chef John piece is in the bag!! I was very proud of this one because, "Ooh look a background!!!" LOL! I had to go back to my perspective learning's of yore to lay out everything and get the floor tiles and counters correct. Time consuming, yes, but also very rewarding. It makes me more confident with the final product! I'm glad to be done with this one and able to post it up! The older version was put up in this post. Do you like it better now guys?

I'll be either revisiting the previous Chef John piece or removing it entirely and doing a different one for the third in this series. I don't think I need two pieces with Chef John and the fruit dancing behind him. I think the one I'm working on now is more impactful and cancels out the initial one I'd done. I also have a friend working on a script to go with the story! So fun stuff all the way around.

The next Chef John piece is in progress and I posted the WIP below. And I look to finish it up by the end of the weekend. After that I need to work on some more interior images and narrative pieces. I see a classroom picture or family eating dinner in my future!!

I thought I knew all my fruits and veggies but I found myself wanting to go to a market to get ideas for other things to fill the spaces. I want to have fruits and veggies that kids can look at the images and easily identify. I wouldn't think that anything too exotic would be a good idea. The most exotic I'm going is jalapeno peppers and mangoes.

I have also composed my first mailer. And after much research I have decided to go with Premium Postcard. I like having the ability to send as many as I like (print on demand) And that I can upload my mailing list and quickly and easily send out mailers to a variety of clients. You know make an educational publisher mailing list and a children's magazine mailing list. I won't have to order a gazillion of em and just have them sitting around staring at me!

The only drawback is that I definitely foresee me needing to have some postcard size samples to have handy for submission packets and portfolio reviews. But this service should allow me to get my mailers out quickly and specialize who they go to with a much smaller investment on my part.

I just sent myself the first one just to see how they look before I send them to potential clients. I'll post here to let you guys know how they come out!!

I also found a couple of AWESOME blog posts where some Illustrators gave a lot of great information on how they go about creating and mailing there mailers. Check em out when you get the chance!!

Aja Wells-Great blog in general from this great Illustrator!! She always puts up lots of great information and wonderful insight into her process. Definitely check her out!

Holli Conger-What an inspiring and amazing artist she is! Once again, full of information and insight. We can learn a lot by watching the process and success of others!!

Later later guys and gals!!



Shirley said...

Wilson! Wow, great post. I am excited for you regarding your friend's script for your book! That's awesome..a collaboration about Chef John. The piece turned out great, and I really like what I see in the 2nd image bursting with fruit and veggies...great perspective and drama there. Yes, Aja and Holli's blogs are great sources for info and inspiration..and thank you for the info about Premium Postcard! Sounds like they offer a lot and hope that your sample comes out beautifully when you receive it! Keep on keepin' on! It sounds like you're doing great!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Great work, Wilson! I really like the soft palette and perspective (the slight glare on the tile too). You can see the story building in the second illo. Can't wait to see the images to come in this series!


Mighty Kwan said...

Thank you guys so much!! The sample did come out great! But like most artists as soon as I saw it I wanted to do something different. LOL! SO I am in the process of revising it so I can send it out for real this time!