Monday, May 10, 2010

Rest in Peace

May they rest in Peace.

Lena Horne

My family used to crowd around the television once every year to watch "The Wiz". It was broadcast once every year just like The Wizard of Oz and those Charlie Brown Christmas Specials.
For my family and community the Wiz meant more to us than many can imagine. It was one of the few opportunities we had to see "us" on television and in FANTASTIC roles. While the movie is panned by upper crust critics. It is a classic and loved by us pan bottom minority children.
This movie was my first true exposure to Lena Horne and her guest appearances on many minority shows helped me to recognize her visually, but not really know her and what contributions she'd made to our community. Being older we now have a wonderful opportunity to explore the many contributions of earlier generations and appreciate the sacrfices they made to afford us the opportunities we now have.

Thank you Miss Horne, may you rest in peace.

This song should be the mantra of us all. I always listen to it for a good pick me up!

Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta was the progenitor of many of the artists that I followed and admired when I was in high school and college. His work always captured an energy and magic that was translated with powerful gestures, implied shadows, shapes and a vast imagination. He taught me that your imagination should have no limits. And that there was nothing wrong with having a thick bottom! ;)

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