Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Watching While Working

Law & Order Seasons 9 & 10

These went a lot faster because I actually have seen quite a few of them on TV. They really start to shake things up in their personal lives and I'm enjoying it!

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I won't even go into all the controversy surrounding this cartoon series being made into a live action movie. But to be fair the previews so far do look great. I just hate the prejudiced premise Hollywood is taking with the casting. Anyways, it's good to know that I will always have this series to go back to. Right now only Season 1 is available on Netflix Instant. I wish they had the other seasons available.

Best Animated Series Evah!!!!

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Camp classic!!! Great Flick. Bette Davis steals the show. I didn't realize however that there was this huge feud between the two actresses. Man, what you can learn on Wikipedia! This is a movie you can never get tired of. Really makes you appreciate how artfully film makers used to approach their craft. Makes me want to have an Alfred Hitchcock marathon!!


Uhhmm...I'd never seen this movie. But I'd heard mention of it multiple times. Mostly that it was a precursor to the DreamGirls phenomena. A tale of three sisters who go from rags to....kinda nice dresses as a singing girl group and the pitfalls along the way. Interesting seeing so many faces that would become well known later. It's also obvious that some of their acting chops were still in their infancy. Most of them do far better acting later in there careers.
The movie overall is just so-so, predictable and drags in places.
But the Curtis Mayfield soundtrack almost makes up for it. The actresses sing the songs in the movie but Aretha Franklin sings the songs on the soundtrack. You know I have to track THAT down! A couple of songs in particular were re-recorded by EnVogue later. The most popular of which was. "Giving Him Something He Can Feel". Check the video below!

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