Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

I love drawing characters!! And sometimes I loathe doing backgrounds. Probably because I have yet to figure out how to squeeze character into inanimate objects.

I was watching Princess and the Frog and Lady and the Tramp the other day and continue to be blown away by the backgrounds and settings that they have painted. They make sure that all the elements tie into the story to create a cohesive and believable story.

So I went trolling for a website that had painted animated backgrounds from films. Lookee what I found! A blogsite called, Animation Backgrounds. It's a blog dedicated to showcasing the painted backgrounds of various animation studios in all their glory, with no characters over the top. WOW! Beautiful, gorgeous, traditionally painted work that makes me feel teeny weeny when it comes to how far I need to grow. But this site will provide plenty of inspiration without me having to bust out my VHS tapes or DVD's.

Browse and enjoy folks!


Russ Cox said...

Thanks for sharing that link. They have some lovely backgrounds. Your work is top-notch as well!

Mighty Kwan said...

Thanks Russ!! ;)

Amy C said...

how fantastic and totally inspiring.