Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cardinal Luv Fest!-Worksheet Sketch

This is a comp for the worksheet. There are still big issues with the kerning and whatnot of the actual puzzle. (Add some letters take some out to fill the space better.) Gonna be lots of fun fixing that! LOL!
I'm thinking of having a full color scene behind all the hearts. Maybe grass and some trees or something to give it more depth. All of that would be masked inside that amoeba shape that is going around everything. While that would probably translate well in color, I doubt the same would be true of the B/W version. We'll see. Suggestions are welcome!

And Oh Yeah! The puzzle is complete! So please check to make sure you can find all the words! Thanks!

As always Click for bigger image! Then Use Ctrl/+ to enlarge the image!
(Can be done multiple times.)

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