Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inside Illustration Competitions E-Book

A friend of mine suggested that I start participating in more contests as an alternative form of self promotion. Granted, the promotion works best if you win! But what a good idea and what a great vehicle for promotion that could be!

Most Illustrators that I am aware of are from seeing them in Society of Illustrators Annuals, Communication Arts, Spectrum and so on. The first time I saw Kadir Nelson's work, he was being awarded in the Student portion of The Society of Illustrators Annual. I'm sure that's how a lot of AD's saw him for the first time as well.

So when I saw Thomas James of Escape from Illustration Island, promoting his latest e-book, Inside Illustration Competitions. It seemed right up my alley! So I think there is a good chance that I may splurge and pick this puppy up! If I do, I'll give a review afterwards to let you guys know what I think!!