Sunday, December 5, 2010

Questions/Answers with Art Rep Nicole Tugeau

Recently Nicole Tugeau of Team Tugeau2 Art Representatives answered a series of questions from some of her followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Nicole is a Children's Art Rep who represents such great talents as Don Tate, Dani Jones and Orlando Ramirez. Nicole is the wife of Jeremy Tugeau, an accomplished Illustrator. Jeremy happens to be the son of Chris Tugeau, who is also a Children's Art Rep(CATugeau Art Representative). Talk about keeping it in the family!

I was lucky enough to have two of my questions answered. Lots of great information for those who may be interested in getting an agent at some point in the future! It's great to know how they think, feel and approach their craft! Follow this link to the article!

Nicole also offers a Portfolio critique service. It costs $65 for a portfolio of up to 24 images. Check out her site for info!

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