Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cardinal Luv Fest!

Sketch for a Vector Spot image! I think his expression could be amped a bit. Maybe make him smiling a bit more? You know, he's cute but the emotion isn't really reading as anything specific to me. What do ya think?

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(Can be done multiple times.)

Also, yes, this will also be going up for "Mail" on Illustration Friday! I want to have it done by Wednesday! Which also means that it needs to be a worksheet. (Worksheet Wednesday you know!) I'm thinking a crossword puzzle will work. Anybody got some clues and words that will go with the theme of this sketch??

Wish me luck!


Aja said...

It's adorable! If you want to play around with it, maybe another critter could be opening slot for the bird, and you could flip the bird around so he's facing the mailbox.

Or maybe you could create some sort of indicator showing that he's an official assistant of cupid, or something else.

Or, something super easy- just change the direction of his eyes so it looks like he's flying away from the mailbox and towards the recipient.

Really, it already stands well on it's own. Fantastic wings.

Mighty Kwan said...

LOL! Flip the bird! Wooh, it is too late in the day(or early in the morning) for me. LOL! Gosh Aja that was fast! It is 5:00 in the morning where I am. I need to go to sleep!

I'm so glad you like the little sketch. The idea was that he was dropping the Valentine to a sweetheart in the mailbox. (Though if you can fly why would you mail a Valentine?) Goodness. So even if I don't have another critter, at the very least the door should be open.

The wings were a pain in the butt! I thought it would be a quick little sketch, OH NO! I had to research those wings like CRAZY! Dang bird! LOL! I do want the story to have something else. I'm still not sure what though.

Maybe I'm over thinking things and it is fine as is. But you have definitely given me some good ideas! Next sketch I'll incorporate the crossword or maybe a word find would be simpler? Sigh...I don't know! Goodness.

Thanks so much for your help Aja!!!

Wonder Man said...

this is cute. I can see this for Valentine's day or even a get well card